Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Episode #2: Everyday Paper Dolls: Mouseketeers

Hello everyone! I thought I would make another attempt at making a video. I have had a lot of comments on my Everyday Paper Doll Mouseketeers, so I thought I would make a video about them. I have had so much fun making these. I love, love, love this Cricut cartridge. If you are new to my blog, please become a follower and I also love comments!

I hope you enjoy!!!

During the two-part video, I did mention that I would give you the link to the graphic shirt tutorial. You will find that youtube link below:


  1. Soooooo super awesome!!! Thanks sooo much for sharing! What fun paper dolls!!!

    My Pink Stamper

  2. Wow! Thanks Robyn... Your blog is amazing as well! I get a lot of my inspiration from you! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Thanks Jess,

    These are a MUST try!!! Cant wait!!!

    have a blessed day,

    ps WOW...Robyn stopped by your blog LOL...she is like a paper crafting celebrity!!! =)

  4. I think I saw these on the Cricut Board! Super cute!

  5. Wow I was watching you Disney Dolls today and you have my you tube video up on how to make the t-shirts.....I'm famous now!!!