Friday, June 26, 2009

My NEW Cricut Expression! HURRAY!

I finally did it! I have been wanting to upgrade from my baby bug to the Cricut Expression for a while now and I took the plung today! After playing with it for several hours today, I just love all the extra goodies that the E has that I was never able to do with my baby bug. I am a school teacher and can't wait to put it to wonderful use for my classroom. I am off to play some more!!!!


  1. I started with the baby bug & now have the E. I kept both and use both! You will want a cover, check out the ones in my Etsy store: I try and do some paper crafting every day and love fabric too! Hence the covers on Etsy. I started making them for friends, and then thought I could use more money for cartridges!

  2. Enjoy your Big E!! It will be so great for your classroom. I wish they had that when I was teaching but I doubt I would get anything done! Enjoy!!!

  3. I know you'll love your E. I totally enjoy using my big E. Possiblities are endless. WTG!